With a few taps, Neappoli users quickly and easily report issues within their neighborhood,

saving both their time and the city's. By improving the efficiency of the submission

process, the city can concentrate on more urgent matters.


There are no fees associated with using Neappoli, and personal data privacy is of utmost

importance. For more information, please see the Support Us page or the Privacy Policy.


Neappoli's head office is located in Canada's beautiful capital - Ottawa, Ontario.

Improving Communities and Engaging Residents

Neappoli is a mobile platform that allows citizens to quickly submit 311 issues to their city.

Formerly known as myCity, Neappoli was brought to life during the uOttawa's Startup Weekend event in late 2016. It won the social impact category of the competition


After much planning, coding and coffee, Neappoli Inc was officially founded in June 2018 by two alumni and tech enthusiasts, wishing to fulfill their social duties. Neappoli then distinguished itself in many entrepreneurship competitions, winning several awards.


In January 2019, Neappoli announced their transition to the Flutter framework. This completely  revamped the app, moving it to version 2.


For more information about Flutter, please read this Neappoli blog post.

Early beginnings...

Meet the Team

Gabriel Tapuc


Kyle Quintal